We Need Wigs


Some of you may remember that I was asking for Christmas gifts for Main Street Terrace a few years ago. I had an amazing experience, receiving more gifts than I thought possible. This year I am at the Seniors Centre at North York General Hospital and I would once again like to ask for your help. We need about a dozen wigs of various colours. As you can see in the pictures below, some of the residents have had a tough time and do not have any family member who will help them out. Their wigs are falling apart and desperately need to be replaced. If you think you can help out or need more information, please contact me at yvonne.burton@nygh.on.ca. Please be aware that I cannot accept any cash gifts.

Here is an Amazon Wishlist that may be of help. Any one of these wigs would be great.


The wigs will automatically be sent to NYGH Seniors Centre.

Thanks very much.